Apparel, Textiles
About This Project

MediPrime Garments: US$ 115,000



Industry Sector

Textile and Apparel


Medical Safety Garments.

Funding Type

Debt and/or Equity

This investment opportunity is made possible by Foxfin Financial Services  Pty Ltd through the African Trade Platform Pty Ltd supported by USAID Africa Trade and Investment Program and Prosper Africa.

An esteemed venture specializing in the manufacturing of high-quality medical garments. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, the business operation stands at the forefront of producing premium-grade apparel tailored to the stringent demands of the healthcare industry. From surgical gowns to protective suits, the diverse product line caters to the varied needs of medical professionals worldwide. Backed by a team of skilled artisans and industry experts, the business operation guarantees superior craftsmanship and adherence to international standards. Seize the opportunity to make a meaningful impact while reaping substantial returns on your investment.