Agriculture, Food Processing
About This Project

Multigrain Magic: US$ 10,000,000



Industry Sector



Maize, Sorghum, Wheat and Sugar Beans.

Funding Type

Debt and/or Equity

This investment opportunity is made possible by Foxfin Financial Services  Pty Ltd through the African Trade Platform Pty Ltd supported by USAID Africa Trade and Investment Program and Prosper Africa.

A dynamic force in the agriculture sector, specializing in the cultivation and distribution of staple crops. Multigrain Magic’s core focus encompasses the production and sale of Maize, Sorghum, Wheat and Sugar Beans. Committed to sustainable farming practices, its operations are designed to meet the escalating demand for quality agricultural products in Zambia and beyond. Multigrain Magic’s primary objective is to emerge as a leading contributor to food security in Zambia and the Southern African region. Multigrain Magic aim to achieve this by consistently delivering high-quality crops, fostering economic growth and promoting sustainable agriculture. As  Multigrain Magic’s navigates the evolving landscape of the agriculture sector, invite investors to join in cultivating a future where Multi Grain stands as a beacon of reliability, innovation and positive impact.