Agriculture, Food Processing
About This Project

Harvest Blend: US$ 5,000,000



Industry Sector



Cocoa, Coffee and Palm

Funding Type

Debt and/or Equity

This investment opportunity is made possible by Foxfin Financial Services  Pty Ltd through the African Trade Platform Pty Ltd supported by USAID Africa Trade and Investment Program and Prosper Africa.

Immerse yourself in a lucrative investment opportunity presented by Harvest Blend, a trailblazer in agri-based operations focusing on coffee and cocoa farming. Our mission, led by a seasoned team with over 20 years of industry expertise, is to cultivate a flourishing business in cocoa, coffee, and palm, offering investors a unique chance to partake in our journey of sustainable growth. Nestled in the upper Mayombe forest, the farm benefits from prime conditions—equatorial climate, fertile soil, and ample rainfall—ideal for cultivating premium coffee and cocoa. This investment beckons those seeking diversification opportunities, with abundant land availability Seize the chance to be part of the strategic vision, tapping into a growing export market, evolving consumption culture, and productivity enhancements.